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Another day, another racist encounter

In racism on September 28, 2009 at 3:08 am

I love when people assume just because I am white with red hair and blues eyes, I must be a racist like them.

Case in point: Joplin white supremacists.

Yesterday at my place of employment, a customer asked me where I like to go out. I recommended Blackthorn Pizza and Pub “… right next to Club 502.

Is that where all the black people go? my customer asked. I would get my ass kicked if I went there.

Why exactly? I asked. 

My customer then revealed to me his forearms, proudly declaring his status as a skinhead.

A white boy like me? No way, he said. Have you ever heard of the Joplin Honkies?

Not really enjoying the company of my new skinhead friend, I quickly looked for an exit strategy.

No, I replied. You know, white people go to that club too.

And with that, I hurried off to greet my new, imaginary table.

And now, looking back on the not-so-distant encounter, I feel a little guilty.

Should I have said something more? Been more bold in making known my disapproval of his racist attitude? Though he didnt actually say anything racist, his intent was clear.

Perhaps I just feel guilty for being looked at as one of them.