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Students protest tuition hikes across nation, in Missouri all is well?

In protest on March 5, 2010 at 2:58 am

Yesterday, students in more than 30 states protested budget cuts and tuition hikes at their universities. But at Missouri Southern, all was quiet. Perhaps its because students at Southern were lucky enough to receive a Board-of-Governors-approved tuition freeze back in November.

I feel for the students at Berkley and other public universities in California who were recently burdened with a 32 percent state-approved tuition increase. But I sometimes wonder if schools like Missouri Southern are sacrificing content for cost.

While its true Southerns tuition is among the cheapest in the nation, its quality of higher education leaves something to be desired. At the alter of affordability, the University has sacrificed the International Mission and cut the mens soccer team. Freezes on hiring and wages has done little to bring in quality professors and will probably cause some to leave. 

The problem is my generation feels entitled to cheap education. Weve become less concerned about actually learning and  more concerned about how much money well make upon graduating. Its as if the entire learning process has been flipped on its head.

It would be wonderful if everybody in America had access to affordable ivy-league education. But until we address the root causes of rising education costs, freezing tuition will only make matters worse. While Im thrilled to pay less than $3,000 per semester to attend Southern, Id readily take out some student loans for improvements in my University.