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Ladies of liberty increasing in numbers

In liberty and rights, protest, women's rights on November 10, 2009 at 2:24 am

Ultimately, the most feminist thing that can ever be, is a truly independent women. Free mind, free body free spirited.Angela Keaton,

The Republicans have Sarah Palin and the Democrats have Hillary Clinton. But within the liberty movement, a much younger, brighter feminism is growing.

These young women are not content to simply support Ron Paul or follow the lead of their male counterparts. They are grabbing the reigns and directing the pro-freedom spirit spreading throughout their country. They are organizing, educating and protesting all for the sake of liberty.

The Ladies of Liberty Alliance, otherwise known as LOLA, is one such organization. According to its Web site, LOLA’s goal is to “build a community of liberty-minded women who are empowered to achieve their individual goals in the fight for freedom.”

However, LOLA is not a politically driven organization as mush as it is an educational and philosophical one:

“The opportunity to influence the leaders of today and tomorrow is ours. We intend to take it. Note that our goal is not to create ‘politicians.’ We have no desire to lead men in chains or to empower others to do so. The force of reason and an appeal to morality is what we seek to bolster. And we will.”

The majority of LOLA’s 400 plus members appear to be young, educated feminists (men are also allowed to join). Many of them are entrepreneurs with pro-liberty organizations/businesses of their own.

One such example is member Catherine Bleish. Bleish is the co-founder and executive director for the Missouri-based Liberty Restoration Project — an organization whose main focus has been fighting the Federal Reserve system. Bleish was also the Kansas City area grassroots leader for the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign and the communications director for the Revolution March.

Another prominent member is creator of ByteStyle TV Shelly Roche. Roche has been a guest on both FOX News “Freedom Watch” and on Russia Today. ByteStyle TV was originally intended to be a podcast but Bleish has grown it into a multimedia blog, covering everything from politics to food issues.

Another semi-famous lady of liberty is the singer/songwriter Aimee Allen. Allen’s dance song “Cooties” contributed to the soundtrack of the 2007 film Hair Spray and her single “Revolution” appeared in the soundtrack of the film Storm and was the theme for the WB Television Network series Birds of Prey.

Allen is perhaps most well known for writing the “The Ron Paul Revolution Theme Song” otherwise known as the “Ron Paul anthem.” On Sept. 2, 2008, she performed the song in front of a 12,000-plus crowd at Ron Paul’s sold-out Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis.

The above are just a few examples of how the other half is taking over the liberty movement. OK, so maybe women aren’t “taking over” the liberty movement, but their numbers are definitely growing.

As is the case all across the political spectrum, women tend to be underrepresented among the pro-libertarians. According to Bonnie Kristian with the Leadership Institute, the ratio of men to women in the liberty movement is about 25 to 1, “and that’s on a good day.”

It’s exciting to see organizations like LOLA altering that ratio. My dream is not  for women to take control of the movement but to work side by side with men in advancing its cause.


What Glenn Beck stole from Ron Paul

In liberty and rights on October 12, 2009 at 9:31 pm
Ron Pauls Rally for the Republic Sept. 2, 2008

Ron Paul's "Rally for the Republic" Sept. 2, 2008

Glenn Becks 9-12 Project Sept. 12, 2009

Glenn Beck's "9-12 Project" Sept. 12, 2009

Somehow, it’s become trendy among the right to call yourself a libertarian. Glenn Beck has boasted himself a libertarian as well as Mark Levin. The new addition to the conservative, wanna-be libertarians is none other than the war trumpeter, Sean Hannity.

On his radio show on Wednesday, Hannity jumped on the bandwagon, declaring himself a libertarian. Perhaps Hannity does not understand the libertarian perspective on privacy, foreign policy and immigration. If he did, he would realize calling himself a libertarian is like calling Castro a capitalist.

The recent conservative trend toward libertarianism makes sense. Libertarianism is enjoying a new-found popularity, due in a large part to the efforts of former presidential candidate, Ron Paul. But most importantly, the trend makes dollar sense as proved by the ratings of Fox News’ Glenn Beck show.

But to understand why libertarianism is so popular, it’s important to understand the rise of what is called the liberty movement.

The liberty movement was birthed during the anti-civil liberties and pro-war years of the Bush regime. The movement’s first joiners were disillusioned conservatives and former Republicans. The PATRIOT Act, ‘war on terror,’ bailout of Wall Street and numerous other actions by the Republican administration caused many former right-wingers to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

However, the liberty movement didn’t stop with the right. The anti-war and civil liberty aspects also appealed to many on the left. And when Ron Paul began his grassroots bid for the presidency, peoples of all leanings began to join.

Sadly, the momentum continued up until the election of President Barack Obama. Assuming “change” had arrived, many of the loudest anti-war advocates on the left disappeared. Liberal media voices that previously served as civil-liberty watchdogs under the Bush administration lost interest in such matters. However, what is happening on the right is of much more concern.

Former Bush-supporting, PATRIOT Act-loving warmongers are suddenly “converting” to libertarianism. The first was self-described conservative Glenn Beck. Since Beck’s transition to Fox news, his rating have soared. His show is quickly dominating the 5 p.m. timeslot.

Beck, perhaps in a stroke of genius, has tapped into the liberty movement. With his claim of libertarianism and promotion of events such as the “9-12 Project,” Beck is attempting to become the poster boy for the disenfranchised, former Ron Paul supporters.

Conservative talk show host and author of best-seller, Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin, is also channeling the liberty movement. In a recent interview with Pajama TV, Levin declared:

“I’m not a party guys down the line. I’m a conservative guy when it comes to economic matters. Frankly, I’m more libertarian.”

However, Levin went on to reveal his true conservative colors saying liberal newspapers in America are “working overtime” to get Democrats elected.

“We’re facing a force in this country that requires us to take back, from my perspective, the Republican party as Reagan did,” he said.

In the same interview, Levin talked about President Barack Obama’s weakness in dealing with, what he described as, “Nut job, genocidal regimes.” He labeled President Obama the “quintessential appeaser” saying “He talks and talks, that’s what he does.”

Levin also referred to the glory days when America was considered the “greatest force on the face of the earth.” Speaking of Presidents Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and Franklyn D. Roosevelt he said:

“When these guys would talk about America, they talked about America in the most glowing terms. They did think it was a special country. They were really were honored to be president of the greatest force on the face of the earth.”

Such rhetoric could not be further from the libertarian mindset.

Like Levin, the newest addition to the “libertarians,” Sean Hannity, is a poorly-hidden wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not only is libertarianism at odds with these men over issues such as the ‘war on terror’ and civil liberties, it has little, save economics, in common with them.

Take, for example, this excerpt from the Libertarian party’s Web site on the issue of immigration:

“Yet our system offers no legal channel for anywhere near a sufficient number of peaceful, hardworking immigrants to legally enter the United States even temporarily to fill this growing gap. The predictable result is illegal immigration.”

Such a common sense, humanistic view of immigration would undoubtedly be labeled liberal propaganda by Beck, Hannity and Levin.

While it’s doubtful staunch Ron Paul supporters will be swayed by these men’s deceitful attempts, many pro-liberty conservatives that “saw the light” during the Bush administration are already buying in to them. Glenn Beck’s ratings are proof.