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What ever happened to the anti-war left?

In foreign policy, protest, war and peace on March 31, 2010 at 1:45 am
When President George W. Bush spoke of spreading democracy to other nations during his second inaugural speech, liberals cringed. In 2005, many on the left realized what most on the right did not — that such rhetoric was nothing more than a thinly veiled declaration of an aggressive foreign policy. But that was 2005.
How I long for the liberals of those days: anti-war, noninterventionists, skeptical of their government.
Sadly, as libertarian author and editor Lawrence Samuels points out, most former anti-war liberals have abandoned their posts.
It was not long ago when almost every progressive leader and newspaper voiced harsh words for Bush’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Samuels said. Now that Obama is in charge, that anti-war sentiment is changing. It appears that it is okay for a Democrat administration to engage in war, but not a Republican one.
Are libertarians the only consistent voice of anti-war opposition? What ever happened to the angry protesters, celebrities, and progressive media railing against the Afghanistan and Iraq wars? Perhaps their moral convictions changed with the new administration.

Ron Paul: The anti-war left has just left (5:37).


Libertarian uprising: Paul wins CPAC straw poll

In politics on February 22, 2010 at 6:00 am

To say the least, I was shocked. “Ron Paul wins straw Poll,” read the caption as MSNBC flashed images of Glenn Beck and CPAC banners across my TV screen.

“Are Republicans sick? Is this some kind of trick?” I thought to myself.

On Saturday, Paul received an astonishing 31 percent of 2,395 CPAC votes, ending Mitt Romney’s three-year winning streak. Although only 25 percent of attendees participated in the poll, voter turnout was a record high. Romney came in second with 22 percent of the votes and conservative darling Sarah Palin with a weak 7 percent.

Perhaps conservatives have seen the “libertarian light?”

A more likely explanation for the Paul upset was the age of the attendees — poll results show that more than half were between 18 and 25 and 48 percent of registered voters were students. Paul has been a favorite of both college students and military personal.

But even more revealing are the results of a CPAC poll question asking voters to define their ideology. An overwhelming 80 percent of those polled said their most important goal is to “promote individual freedom buy reducing the size and scope of government and its intrusion into the lives of its citizens.” The conservative talking-point-issues of gay marriage, abortion and national defense seemed unimportant.

Video coverage of the event clearly shows Paul’s notoriously zealous supporters in attendance. And evident by the expressions on the faces of the older, established conservatives, not all in attendance were happy with the results.

In a phone interview with FOX News following the event, 74-year-old Paul attributed his popularity to his message of liberty.

“The principles of liberty is a very young idea, we haven’t had freedom for the individual much more than a couple hundred years,” Paul said. “We have to be young at heart.”