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Lady of liberty: Allison Gibbs

In women's rights on April 20, 2010 at 2:07 am
“As free women, we demand and will exercise the right of self defense, freedom of movement and the entirety of the fruits of our labor which cannot be abridged by any man, collective or state.” — Ladies of Liberty Alliance
Meet Allison Gibbs: director of outreach for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and founder and executive director the Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA). Gibbs is a microbiologist who worked on AIDS/HIV research and Antibiotic Resistance/Bioterror for the Department of Defense. Although she is a fervent libertarian now, Gibbs admits to her former “inclination toward socialism.”
It was her time spent simultaneously working for the Department of Defense and Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign that led to her conversion.
“I found that there where a lot of problems within the system of government,” Gibbs said. “I decided to drop what I was doing because of all the atrocities I saw with the FDA, DOD, things I was doing … So I decided I would jump in with Campaign for Liberty.”
Gibbs is still serving as Campaign for Liberty’s director of outreach. However, it’s her most recent venture, LOLA, that is truly revolutionary. 
“LOLA’s main mission is to be able to help women feel like they can get into these leadership roles as well as bring more women into the fold,” said Gibbs. “The underpinning of our organization is that each individual is autonomous up unto the point where they inflict force or violence against another person”
LOLA’s website reflects Gibb’s libertarian rhetoric:

“We, the women of Ladies of Liberty Alliance, recognize the natural right of all women to ownership of their property — their bodies, minds and justly acquired possessions. As free women, we demand and will exercise the right of self defense, freedom of movement and the entirety of the fruits of our labor which cannot be abridged by any man, collective or state. As such, we recognize and respect the same negative rights of others and advocate consensual rather than coercive interactions.”

It’s exciting to see such impassioned young women joining the liberty movement. Thanks to Gibbs and others like her, the revolution is gaining a distinctly feminine voice.

Palin endorsement a blow for Ron Paul supporters

In politics on February 4, 2010 at 4:42 am

On Monday, Sarah Palin endorsed Rep. Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky.

Ron Paul supporters everywhere are crying.

After all, it was the libertarians and Republican party deserters who gave Dr. Paul his momentum in 2008. The only thing Ron Paul supporters hated more than an interventionist foreign policy was, well, the Republican Party. And although Rand isn’t his father, they were probably hoping the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I’ve had my doubts about Rand. Unlike his poorly spoken father, Rand is a politician — polished and poised. He’s less focused on “liberty” and more on being a “conservative” — something FOX News picked up on a long time ago. Rand, unlike his father, is a favorite of the network.

Perhaps to outsiders, the Palin endorsement appears to make sense. After all, Rand, like his father, is a member of the Republican Party. But Palin’s radical nationalism, socially conservative beliefs and war trumpeting all fly in direct contrast to the libertarian-leaning Ron Paul. Rand, on the other hand, seems to be catering more to the Tea-Party conservatives.

The Palin endorsement is just the latest in a series of red flags. Will Rand Paul follow in the politically unpopular footsteps of his father? Only time, and a win in Kentucky, will tell.

Time Magazine asks Ron Paul about the Fed, marijuana, media bias

In Federal Reserve, politics on September 23, 2009 at 4:01 am

Recently, on Time Magazine’s “10 Questions,” Rep. Ron Paul was asked ten questions submitted by readers. A total of 220 questions were submitted.

In the interview, Paul talks about his new book, End the Fed. Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill, HR 1207, has received the support of two-thirds of the House of Representatives.

Addressing the current financial crisis, Paul tells the Time reporter:

“The Federal Reserve is the culprit and if we can get an audit we could reveal exactly what they do. Because they deal in trillions of dollars of extending loans to special interests, special banks, special corporations, they make deals with other central banks and other governments of the world. So they’re a government to themselves and they print their own money.”

Watch out (again) for Ron Paul in 2012.