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Obama ‘allows’ Israel to defend itself, retain secrecy

In foreign policy on October 5, 2009 at 3:13 am


Source: AP

Source: AP

 While America and the international community are bullying Iran into allowing U.N. inspectors access to its nuclear plants, Israel is retaining sovereignty of its borders.

Friday, the Washington Times reported that President Obama agreed to allow Israel to continue with its nuclear arsenal exempt from international inspections, reaffirming a decade-old secret.

At first glance, the Obama administrations policy seems unfair — and it is. But more importantly is the notion that Israel is being allowed by the United States to retain secrecy of its national defense.

Israel — like Iran, like America — is a sovereign nation.

Someone should start making patriotic bumper stickers that read: America, policing the world since 1945.

Id buy one.