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A digital revolution

In Individual Sovereignty, media on February 23, 2010 at 2:34 am

While most conservatives in America believe government is too powerful, leader of the British Conservative Party David Cameron, says its the people who are gaining control.

In Camerons opinion, control is shifting away from large national governments to the individual. In a recent TED talk, he attributed the transfer of power to the information revolution.

Weve gone from a world of local control, then we went to a world of central control, now were a world of people control, Cameron said. Were now living in a post-bureaucratic age where genuine people power is possible.

While the British Conservative Party and its leaders politics are far from perfect, Camerons belief in the empowerment of the individual through the information revolution is revolutionary. According to him, the revolution can alter both society and government.

We believe that if you give people more power and control over their lives, if you give people more choice, if you put them in the driving seat then actually you can create a stronger and better society, he said. And if you marry this fact with the incredible abundance of information that we have in our world today, I think you can completely, as Ive said, remake politics, remake government, remake your public services. 

The explosion of information and technology has dramatically changed the world in which we live. Most importantly, it has empowered individual users in ways never before imagined. Now it is the people, not a select few, that control the information flow.