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Paul supporters get early start on 2012 election

In politics on November 10, 2009 at 10:48 pm

The 2012 presidential election may be three years away, but that has not stopped enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters from starting his campaign. Nothing is official as of yet, but Paul’s supporters have already created a Web site,, urging people to pledge their support for Paul in the 2012. The newly created site has 1,149 pledges, 1,483 Facebook fans, 105 Twitter followers and 128 subscribers to its YouTube channel. The Web site appears to have been launched only four days ago on Nov. 6.

Ron Paul has yet to make his bid for the presidency official but his Web site is already sporting “Ron Paul for President 2012” bumper stickers and T-shirts. And after asking whether or not Ron Paul  should run for president in 2012, is now polling supporters to find out who they think should be Paul’s running mate in 2012.

Whether or not Ron Paul will attempt the 2012 presidency remains to be seen. And whether or not he actually has a shot also remains to be seen. But even if Paul doesn’t become the next president of the United States, his message will remain.

The real “change” brought about by the 2008 presidential race was not the election of Barack Obama. It was Ron Paul and the movement he started. A movement that refuses to  go away.