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Iran to host nuclear conference, US says ‘no thanks’

In foreign policy, sovereignty, war and peace on April 8, 2010 at 11:22 pm

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be hosting a nuclear weapon disarmament conference in Tehran April 17–18 titled “Nuclear Energy For All, Nuclear Weapons For No One.”

Needless to say the United States will not be attending.

However, according to Iran’s Mehr News Agency, more than 60 countries will be at the conference. Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, said China will be present. However, a Chinese Foreign Ministry official said Beijing has not yet decided.

It’s unlikely the scheduling of the conference so soon after the U.S.-Russia nuclear weapons agreement is a coincidence. Ahmadinejad is as politically savvy as he is controversial.

But the real story is not that “black sheep” Iran is hosting a conference on nuclear disarmament, or at least it shouldn’t be. The real story is that the United States is so bent on isolating Iran that it’s shunning a chance to discuss and possibly learn more about Iran’s nuclear program.

Perhaps Iran and Ahmadinejad are not to be trusted. But ignoring and demonizing a historically peaceful country and potential ally is simply bad foreign policy. Why not attend the conference? Is the United States as sure of Iran’s destructive determination and lust for “weapons of mass destruction” as it was with Iraq?

  1. Dessica,

    “…historically peaceful country …” Yikes! Ask the Greeks, Macidonians, India and more recently Iraq. Up to WWI or maybe the Spanish American War the US was “historically peaceful”. Some may argue we still are and only fight when nothing else is available for things that matter.

    But so what with historical arguements. It is the world today in which we must live and survive. IF Iran in fact begins to possess nuclear weapons, is that OK with you based on their “peaceful intent”? If you lived in Israel would you anwer differntly?

    As to attending the conference, as a matter of diplomatic protocol, is there ever a time in our history that we have engaged in diplomacy, which the conference certainly is, with a country with which we had NO diplomatic relations?

    Do you really believe that such a conference will be something more that a world stage for Iranian (radical Iranian) propoganda?


    • Anson,

      I am talking about the country of Iran not the Persian Empire. Iran has not invaded a country in almost 300 years. How many countries has the U.S. invaded in its short history?

      Iraq invaded Iran in 1980 and used weapons of mass destruction supplied by the United States — including chemical and biological.

      Perhaps you are referring to the claimed seizure of an oil well in 2009 by Iranian “security forces” in a disputed border region resulting from the Iraq-Iran war.

      I am not “OK” with any country having nuclear weapons. I do not think a nuclear United States and Israel should be telling Iran what to do.

      As for diplomatic relations we should establish them. Attending the conference would be a start.

      As for “radical Iranian propaganda” I’m not so sure. Apparently you are. Have you considered that perhaps much of the nuclear weapons reduction talks between Russia and America was propaganda?

      Iran is bordered on both sides by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States is the preeminent nuclear superpower. Israel is also heavily armed and has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. And it has not denied that it possesses nuclear weapons. Both countries are threatening Iran.

      Iran should be the one who is afraid.

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