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Palin endorsement a blow for Ron Paul supporters

In politics on February 4, 2010 at 4:42 am

On Monday, Sarah Palin endorsed Rep. Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky.

Ron Paul supporters everywhere are crying.

After all, it was the libertarians and Republican party deserters who gave Dr. Paul his momentum in 2008. The only thing Ron Paul supporters hated more than an interventionist foreign policy was, well, the Republican Party. And although Rand isn’t his father, they were probably hoping the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I’ve had my doubts about Rand. Unlike his poorly spoken father, Rand is a politician — polished and poised. He’s less focused on “liberty” and more on being a “conservative” — something FOX News picked up on a long time ago. Rand, unlike his father, is a favorite of the network.

Perhaps to outsiders, the Palin endorsement appears to make sense. After all, Rand, like his father, is a member of the Republican Party. But Palin’s radical nationalism, socially conservative beliefs and war trumpeting all fly in direct contrast to the libertarian-leaning Ron Paul. Rand, on the other hand, seems to be catering more to the Tea-Party conservatives.

The Palin endorsement is just the latest in a series of red flags. Will Rand Paul follow in the politically unpopular footsteps of his father? Only time, and a win in Kentucky, will tell.

  1. Jessica,

    Very interesting. I grew up in Kentucky during 40’s and 50’s. Throughout all that time there was essentially no Republican party except in small enclaves. No one locally or statewide governed; it was all Dems.

    I still have a few friends in the state and knowing them any conservative would receive their support. Dems hang on in big cities such a Louisville and Lexington. The electorate is much like Missouri demographically in that way.

    AND, I am sure a major element of the national Dem strategy will be to try to split the consevative vote with the extremes supporting Palin and to a degree a third party and conservative moderates (forgive me, but I put Sen Brown in that camp)closer to the middle.

    Will Reps unite or will they splinter over such things as abortion, gun control, gay rights, etc while agreeing on fiscal policy, foreign policy (including Homeland security issues)and domestic issues.

    Someday a REAL third party may arise out of all this mess. For sure our current political split in the country is dysfunctional in my view.

    Yours is still a very small voice calling for that third party. It will be interesting to see just how loud it may become from others. I am listening carefully.


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