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‘Freedom Watch’ gives independent candidate national spotlight

In politics on November 19, 2009 at 1:20 am

“We do not have a two-party system in this country. We have one party, the big government party It has a Republican wing that likes war and deficits and assaults our civil liberties and a Democratic wing that likes taxes and wealth transfer and assaults our commercial liberties.” — Judge Napolitano

The Democrats and Republicans have a monopoly on the political system. It would seem almost impossible for a person to get elected to office without first receiving one of the parties’ stamp of approval. But 30 year-old Jake Towne of Pennsylvania is attempting to do just that.

Towne is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 with no political party affiliation. He is truly an independent.

Last week, he received national exposure as a guest on Judge Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch” on FOX News. In the interview, Towne explained the myth that America has a two-party system.

“What I call this system is actually a one party, two-headed system and there’s very little competition between the Democrats on the left and the Republicans on the right. And a lot of people still believe we’re in a left-right spectrum.”

Towne goes on to describe what he believes is the actual spectrum with tyranny at one end and liberty at the other. He makes the argument that there is no real change from one administration to the next.

“Monetary policy doesn’t change, foreign policy doesn’t change, domestic policy doesn’t change,” he said.

Not only is Towne rejecting party affiliation, he’s also rejecting any political labels. The purpose of these labels, he believes, is to separate the electorate and create false conflict.

“The very terms ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ are just forms of verbal warfare meant to divide us,” he explains on his Web site,

It’s encouraging to see Towne featured on Napolitano’s show. The question is, will the rest of the mainstream media give him the national attention needed to get his message out?

  1. Jessica,

    The short answer to your question is a resounding “NO”. No money, no exposure to start with. I also believe Towne did not define the correct “real wings”. Instead of “tranny and liberty” the real choice of extremes is “tranny and anarchy”. But that is quibbling I suppose.

    I do however agree with the assertion of an actual “one party” system currently in place. How to realistically “open it up” is the question and challenge for we the people.


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