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Car bombs kill more than 130 in Iraq; Who is to blame?

In foreign policy, media, war and peace on October 26, 2009 at 6:43 am
(Ahmad al-Rubaye / AFP/Getty Images / October 25, 2009)

(Ahmad al-Rubaye / AFP/Getty Images / October 25, 2009)


More than 130 people were killed and 500 wounded yesterday in the deadliest attacks Iraq has seen in two years. Two simultaneous car bombs were exploded Sunday in Baghdad, damaging the Justice Ministry and provincial council buildings.

New York Times reporter Timothy Williams described the attacks as, “Leaving a scene of carnage that raised new questions about the government’s ability to secure its most vital operations.”

Al Jazeera described the scene a bit more graphically:

“Sunday’s explosions left streets littered with charred bodies and torn-off limbs, and buildings in ruins.”

While Iraqi officials are initially blaming the attacks on al-Qaeda and remnants of Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime, some believe the attacks to be part of a larger political strategy to undermine the current president and gain support in the January elections. Iraqi analyst Ahmed Rushdi, believes the attacks to be an “electoral strategy.”

“Al-Maliki represents the Dawa party, which is [from] the Shia majority, and we have elections in January,” Rushdi said. “He will say … “I’m going to protect you from al-Qaeda and pro-Baathists. “It’s always al-Qaeda and pro-Baathist [elements that are blamed]. There is no talking about security infiltration, or the security failures in the Iraqi government.”

It’s frustrating not to know what is actually taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan. To be sure, al-Qaeda an other terror networks are not to be trusted, but what of the media and the governments it caters to? To be so far removed from the actual events, without witnessing them in person, all one can do is hope one is not being lied to.

  1. The simple question to your lead question is “Iraqis”, who else. I thought for a moment you were going to blame the US but you did not go that far at least.

    Have you ever heard of “the fog of war”. My friend Clauswitz again. In war or even peace time politics you, nor anyone else will ever know the full truth, most of the time, if not all of the time. That is when judgment kicks in. Do you wait for more info or go ahead and take action. Some of the greatest mistakes in history were made waiting for more information. Others big ones were made with too little or incorrect information.

    That is why leaders get paid big bucks.

    Wonder what would happen in Iraq if all the “news” was zero. That is al-Qaida’s greatest weapon.


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