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Another day, another racist encounter

In racism on September 28, 2009 at 3:08 am

I love when people assume just because I am white with red hair and blues eyes, I must be a racist like them.

Case in point: Joplin white supremacists.

Yesterday at my place of employment, a customer asked me where I like to go out. I recommended Blackthorn Pizza and Pub “… right next to Club 502.

Is that where all the black people go? my customer asked. I would get my ass kicked if I went there.

Why exactly? I asked. 

My customer then revealed to me his forearms, proudly declaring his status as a skinhead.

A white boy like me? No way, he said. Have you ever heard of the Joplin Honkies?

Not really enjoying the company of my new skinhead friend, I quickly looked for an exit strategy.

No, I replied. You know, white people go to that club too.

And with that, I hurried off to greet my new, imaginary table.

And now, looking back on the not-so-distant encounter, I feel a little guilty.

Should I have said something more? Been more bold in making known my disapproval of his racist attitude? Though he didnt actually say anything racist, his intent was clear.

Perhaps I just feel guilty for being looked at as one of them.

  1. Nothing wrong with a little white pride! Looking back at your exchange he didn’t really say anything about hating black people. 😉

  2. I doubt if Rawhead has read Charles Bukowski. If he had his comment could have been phrased more elegantly. Bukowski’s attitude toward cops was this: I like it better when they’re not around. Although I’m not an expert on Appalachian culture, I believe Rawhead’s brief apologia mirrors dialogue perfected by Cormac McCarthy. And going out on a limb, I’m guessing that he has never heard of the black Irish.
    A member of this swarthy Celtic race, I am never asked to wear the Leprechaun costume on St. Patrick’s Day. However, this disappointment is assuaged by playing Chief Running Tab at impromptu indoor pow-wows.

  3. Everyone experiences things differently. Some people think that if they love everyone that the world will honor them in some fashion but the truth of the matter is we live in a world filled with hate and it is a truth that no love can ignore. I imagine your “racist friend” has felt such hate. Do not be upset that he judged you wrong just be glad you have not yet been effected by the reality of hate.

  4. To All,

    We can all pick and choose comments made by others to make our points. Here are a few I have “picked”

    “Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me.”

    “Folks, I have been taught to hate since I was in the cradle.”

    “Hillary Clinton is not as qualified as Obama because of her race.”

    “The government created the AIDS virus to kill blacks.”

    All of course are from Rev. Wright. Now pick between Jessica’s customer and the above and tell us which is worse.


  5. Its unfortunate that he calls himself a skinhead. I have a couple friends from out of town who are skinheads (one of which is black) and it never had anything to do with racism. It was pretty much the youth in england giving props to the working class generation before them, your hair would be cut short if not shaved to keep from getting caught in the machines and the cloths style of the generation before. every group has its bad apples and these bad apples made national news and tarnished the subculture

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